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At IRC Direct Website Services we specialise in professional website design, website development and much more.  When it comes to website design there is a lot more to think about than just an aesthetically pleasing look.  A good website needs to navigate well, perform well across multiple browsers, keep the user engaged and have the maximum conversion rate.  We not only look at creating a website which works well, but we work to create a website which performs well too.

Further to this we also believe a website is only as good as the traffic visiting it.  We help our clients think outside the box about elements away from their website, such as target audience and re-marketing solutions.

Most brochure type websites that we design are often for businesses looking to promote an service or product.  Quite often the website we design is part of a larger marketing strategy and is used as a point-of-reference for the online business presence in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

At IRC Direct Website Services we primarily work with SME (small to medium enterprise) and have established a strong reputation across the Essex county and beyond.  With over 300 clients which is continually growing we find ourselves as one of the first ports of call for many new businesses and established businesses alike.


When it comes to pricing we like to think we are different to other website design companies across Essex.  Our pricing not based on who the client is and how large they seem to be.  Instead our pricing is based fairly on the workload in hand.  We speak directly and openly with our clients to gauge a scope of the website that would work best for them.  Only once the specification has been confirmed do we assess the price of the website design based on the hours required for design, development and build.  Our pricing is 'all inclusive' and will not change unless the specification changes throughout the project.

Many clients ask us how much maintenance of their website will cost.  We build most websites with a friendly CMS (content management system) which allows you access to make content changes to your website whenever you want.  If there are certain things outside the scope of the CMS and require hard-coding or graphic design works then we do charge an hourly rate for the change, which we quote up front to the client for pricing transparency.

Once the website is designed, developed, built and launched the only other fee we have is an annual renewal.  If you have multiple websites with us you will only pay one renewal.  The renewal price is a fixed fee of £70, which covers your website hosting, email hosting and more.  The only time an additional fee is introduced annually is if you opt for an additional extra like an SSL certificate.

Our Website Design Process

We offer a free consultation for all new website designs with a free no-obligation quotation.  Once you have approved the project we take a 20% deposit of the total price to get started.

The first stage is website design.  We put together a home-page design of your website using any images, logo or content you have provided.  We will then produce this design to you and make any amendments or alterations to get the design right for you.

The second stage is then the website development.  During this stage we are putting together a working actual website based off the design which has been approved by you.

The third stage is content.  This is where we use your content (or write content ourselves if you have opted for this) to complete your website.  This includes putting images, videos and wording on your website and installing form fields, galleries and other parts to complete the website.

The final stage is any minor amendments or changes.  At this stage we perform any tweaks and iron out any minor bugs to ensure the website launch goes as smoothly as possible.  Only once you are happy with the website do we invoice you the remaining balance of the website.

Once the final balance is paid your website will go online and the website will be live online for the world to see.


When it comes to a timescale for website design it all depends on a variety of factors.  At IRC Direct we can have as many as 15 concurrent projects in the works at one time.  As you can imagine we get very busy and sometimes short on time, especially if something unexpectedly overruns.  If this means your website is delayed by a few days then we will let you know with as much advance notice as possible.  We focus on quality and not quantity and will never substitute a poorly built website just to meet a deadline.

We are however committed to communication.  When we undertake your project we will give you a time estimate which will give you an idea of when the website will likely be completed.  If we are running late there will always be a valid reason and therefore let you know at the first instance.

Usually a website will be completed from start to finish within two weeks or less, however if a website is large in size or requires special features this can take a little longer.  If you have any concerns about time scale or you need something in a hurry then please let us know and we will do our very best to accommodate your request. 

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