The Website Design Process

If you have never had a website designed before then we understand you may not be familiar with the way the website design process works.  At IRC Direct Website Services we like to make the website design process as easy as possible and straightforward.

We break our website design process down in to four main stages.  Design, development, content and approval.  Below we have broken these points down for easy understanding.


After we have met you and confirmed the website specification and received the deposit it is time for us to get creative.  This is where we literally do the design planning and preparation of your website.

Designing a website is tricky business.  Putting together a quality website is more than just an aesthetically pleasing look.  A decent website needs to navigate well, make sense to the user, be good for conversion and much more.  This is the time where the preparation work is put together.  Once we have done preparation we combine this work in to a 'screenshot idea' of the homepage and send this over to you for consideration.

It is at this point we really encourage you the client to go over the screenshot and point out any really obvious changes.  We want to ensure colour schemes and images are in the right place and you are happy with the website structure and layout.

Once we have approval from you on design, we actually turn our design image in to an actual website.


The development stage is often the longest part of the project.  We are actually building your website and doing the heavy coding parts to turn your website in to a reality.  This involves setting up the CMS, using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.  This also involves database setting up and syncing and if any custom plug-ins need doing then they are made at this stage also.

If your website is e-commerce then this stage will be all about setting up the e-commerce store, configuring payment solutions, delivery solutions, invoicing solutions and much more.


The content stage can actually be broken down in to a few different stages.  Firstly we use your brief to create a first draft to send to you.  We then ask you to make any amendments or additions as required and send it back to us.  Once we have this we then fine-tune the content to include SEO friendly keywords to ensure the keyword density is good for your chosen niche.  We then fire over a final copy ready for publishing.  Once approved we load the content in to the website.


We go through your website and ensure everything is working great and the website is complete.  Once completed we send the website over to you for final approval.  If any tweaks or minor fixes need doing they are done at this stage in preparation for the website launch.  

Once we receive the final outstanding balance we then launch your website and you are online for the world to see!

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