Responsive Website Design

When it comes to website performance there are many factors which can come in to play.  One of the main factors for good website performance is having a website which is responsive.

What is responsive website design?

In a nutshell, responsive website design is a website which has the ability to deliver an optimised version of itself depending on the browser it is being opened with.  For example to resolution of a website on a full size desktop PC would be very different to that of an Apple iPhone.  The screen size is different, which delivers content in a different resolution.

By having a website which is responsive it basically means your website 'responds' to whatever device is viewing.  Of course there are literally hundreds of different devices out there, with more on the way.  It is literally impossible to build the perfect website which responds perfect on all devices so the key is targeting the most popular devices and building a website around those.

Popular devices are 19" desktop PC's, Apple iPhones and Apple iPads.  Quite often other devices are similar in resolution so there is very little different, however we have multiple devices and always try our best to build the very best responsive website at all times.

Does a responsive website affect your SEO rankings in search engines?

Back in 2016 the giant search engine Google decided it was going to change its algorithm.  Because many people use mobiles to view websites it decided that websites all of a sudden needed to be 'responsive'.  Failure to do so threatened a drop in rankings on mobile devices for websites that did not comply.  This sent the web community in to a slight meltdown as many older websites suddenly needed a revamp to meet the new Google guidelines.

Google did in fact alter its search engines and many websites which were not responsive did in fact lose positions in the search engines.  The effect was not as bad as some dirt sheet blogs online predicted, but it did have an impact.  Fast forward in time and other search engines are following suit and Google are indeed rolling out more algorithm changes to deliver quality content to its users.

You may notice when surfing on your mobile that some websites in the Google listings come up as "not mobile friendly".  This doesn't mean a website is unsafe, but just the website has not been optimised for mobile.

A responsive website is just one of many things required for a decent search engine ranking, but is definitely something that should not be overlooked.

Quality content still rules the roost!

Even though responsive website design is important, the golden rule is still the same as it was five years ago.  Quality content trumps everything.  If you can build a website which has unique, engaging and quality content, your website will rank well.  This doesn't mean writing endless blog articles describing what you just had for lunch.  It means filling your website with quality, juicy content that answers peoples questions and is original.  Google will always rank a website high if it offers content not found elsewhere and that it deems useful for search queries entered in to its search engine.

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