Website Renewal

Nobody likes surprises.  This is why at IRC Direct Website Services we make renewal as straight forward and easy as possible.

Once your website has been online one year you will be invoiced an optional one year renewal.  The renewal price is £70 and will keep your website online, email accounts functional and also renew any domain names you have with us.

Renewals are issued per client, not per website.  So if you have more than one website with us you will still pay just one annual renewal of £70.

What does the £70 renewal do for me and my website(s)?

The £70 ensures that your website will be online for a further year.  This includes the annual renewal of your domain name (if it is managed by us), website hosting space partition, all email account facilities, DDoS protection from hackers, weekly backups and much more.

Where does the £70 go?

Running a web server, managing hundreds of domain names and continually upgrading the server against new threats takes a lot of time and also incurs cost to us.  By renewing your website with us this covers the general up time of the server, management of server upgrades, backup facility management, domain name renewal and much more.

Your renewal is invested in to our company to ensure we have the very best web facilities possible.  Without renewals we would rely on new websites to continually come through, which would make a financial impact and thus not make us a profitable company.

When does the £70 need to be paid?

Our system automatically sends you an invoice by email one month before your annual renewal date.  You then have one month to pay the renewal balance of £70.  Once this has been paid our systems automatically update your account and issue remittance to confirm payment.

What if I am late paying the £70 annual renewal?

We are likely to give you a call around the date your renewal is due if we have not received renewal payment.  We will likely contact by telephone or perhaps send an email.  Either way we will never 'cut you off' without attempting to make contact with you first.  Sometimes you may find the invoice found its way in your spam folder or just slipped your mind on things to do.  We are human and understand how business works and how some things don't take priority.

In the event of late payment we do have the following procedures:

Up to 7 days late - No late fee.
Up to 14 days late - 10% late fee (£7).
Up to 30 days late - Additional 10% late fee (£7).
After 30 days a rate of £1 will be added per day additionally until invoice is paid.
After 60 days - account and services suspended.


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