What is remarketing?

Remarketing.  You may have come across this term before, you may not.  Remarketing in general is the term used for marketing products to an audience who is already aware of your product, company or service.

There are various ways of successfully remarketing and as the internet is growing bigger and the technology grows smarter, companies are finding new and interesting ways to market their products to audiences who are likely to listen.

Common well-known methods of remarketing include things like email marketing.  Companies often love to gather email addresses or telephone numbers and constantly bombard users about their services or product.  Because these users have already used their service or product they hope that by constantly reminding them of their existence, that they will be prompted to buy from them again.  Quite often emails or text messages will be sent out at a time which will likely get best response and have eye-catching titles and words to get a user to see the message.

It is not just large companies that use remarketing, but small ones too.  In the modern era the customer has become the product and many companies charge an arm and a leg to access data on customers.

A smart way of using your e-commerce website to attract customers is to encourage signing up for an account.  Not only does the person signing up reveal their personal details, but if you gather enough sign-ups you then have a quality audience to pump your messages out to.  You must however offer the user a chance to opt-out otherwise you do start breaking internet rules and laws so be careful and research before you remarket.

Audience targeting is an absolute must.

When targeting an audience you need to consider many key factors.  What age range of persons would be interested in your product?  What region do people who will buy your product reside?  What gender are people who buy your product?  Once you have established those simple answers consider furthering your options by considering their interests.  For example:  If you sell wrestling gear you may wish to find people who are interested in wrestling.

There are millions of people out there to market to, but one important factor is conversion.  What is the point of pumping a message out to 10,000 people if only 100 of those people would be interested in what you do?  Isn't it much more cost-effective to market to an audience of 1000 people who have a good chance at liking what you do?  This is much more likely to give you better conversion and more 'bang' for your 'buck'.

Gather as much data as possible.

Whenever you get a website visitor try and find out as much information about them (legally of course).  Find out where they found you, how long they stayed on your website, whether they purchased something and even what region they reside in.  We offer tools to allow audience visualisation which literally allows you to spy on a user as they wander around your website.  You can literally play back the video of them navigating your website to find out how they use your website and what can be improved.

Whenever you have a visitor live on the website try and force a 'call to action'.  From entering their email for a promotional code, to a form allowing them to be called back, gathering data is essential to having a suitable audience to send your message out to.

Pixel marketing and Google Remarketing

At IRC Direct Website Services we often have customers who have come to us who have 'tried' to market their product or service.  Customers often tell us about how they have spent 'X' amount with Google and 'X' amount with Facebook and had no luck.  The truth is the audiences probably have not been defined properly therefore their message is probably being sent out to many people who honestly just don't care.  We can offer consultancy with your marketing to ensure you make the most of the advertising budget you have.

Pixel remarketing and Google remarketing are extremely clever ways of marketing.  Once you have pumped a message out to 100 people, wouldn't it be nice for those people to be 'stalked' online and across the internet on their devices with banners about your service.  Constantly reminding customers they visited your website is a long-term remarketing strategy which works well to pull people back to your website to complete that purchase.

Facebook offers advertisers 'pixel remarketing'.  This basically installs a small pixel (invisible) on your website which tracks the visitors who came from Facebook to visit your website.  You can choose to remarket directly to the visitors as well as work out how many people converted on your website from that piece of advertising.  With advanced tracking you can also find out who they are, where they come from and more analytical data.  For a small budget you can constantly hit those people who have already found you with advertising on Facebook which stalks them on their mobile phone, tablet, PC and more for as long as you desire.  You already know these people were interested, so now you are just following them up automatically.  This method often brings a good conversion rate if done correctly.

Google also offer remarketing and often package their remarketing within their AdWords system.  For example, if a customer has been on your website and viewed a piece of jewellery they like, remarketing allows that user to be stalked for up to 90 days with banners of that piece of jewellery encouraging the person to come back and purchase.

Long gone are the days when customers simply walked out of your shop and were never seen again.

Summary of re-marketing

With the rise of 'big data' it is ever so easy now for even the smallest of businesses to advertise their products to a marketplace who are likely to be interested.  Hence it is now easier than ever to start-up and run a successful e-commerce empire.  Now all you need is the right product at the right price.

Give us a call to discuss remarketing options for your e-commerce website today.

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