Recurring Fees

Recurring Fees

At IRC Direct Website Services we have been operating since 2009. We have a firm belief of quality, competitive pricing and outstanding service.

We believe an important part of providing outstanding service is by honesty and openness. We understand nobody likes a surprise invoice, this is why any recurring fees we charge are printed right here, in black and white for the world to see.

Renewal Fee Charges

Most of the time we throw in one year of free hosting when you get a website with us. This includes a 10GB quota of space which includes any email you use and website hosting space. This hosting space is a facility which includes website hosting, email accounts and your domain registration.

The renewal of this is charged at a fixed fee of just £70. This means we will renew your domain name (if registered with us), renew your hosting allocation and email usage allocation for a further year. If at any time you wish to cancel your hosting or migrate your hosting elsewhere or switch your domain name you are more than welcome. We never charge a cancellation fee and will even assist you however you need if you decided to do this.

Additional Domain Name Registrations

We often throw in a free domain name registration with your website hosting package. However sometimes brands like to register multiple domain names to secure their brand.

Whether you want a .uk domain, .com domain, domain or any other extension we can register this (and renew) this for you and manage all of the DNS settings of the domain on your behalf. You will always be the owner of the domain and hold all rights to the domain name, so like above if you ever decided for any reason you wish to transfer the domain we can do this for you with no fee.

For registration we have the following fees:

.uk Domain Name – £10 per year. Domain Name – £10 per year.
.com Domain Name – £20 per year.
.org Domain Name – £10 per year. Domain Name – £10 per year.
.net Domain Name – £20 per year.

*All domain names come with SSL for the domain name if opting for website hosting with us.

PPC Management

Depending on which type of PPC package suits you best we have two fee structures.

For dynamic campaigns which have geographical placements, Google Shopping, Google Search, Remarketing and dynamic keyword selections we charge either a fixed fee of £30 (if your overall spend is less than £300 per month) or 10% of your actual Adwords spend for the month. This fee is for Adwords Management and means a member of our PPC Management team will keep an eye on the campaign and be constantly tweaking and making changes to get the most ‘bang’ for your buck. For this type of campaign we often take a month estimate up front (billed monthly at the start of the month) and bill our fee at the end of each month.

For fixed key phrase PPC campaigns which target a fixed selection of key phrases in a fixed geographical location we charge a fixed fee. This is payable at the start of each month you wish to run the campaign and includes PPC management as well as budget.

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