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Privacy Policy – IRC Direct Website Services

This privacy policy is designed to explain how IRC Direct Website Services uses your personal information collected from you and has intentions to comply with your right to be informed under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).


We may hold and process the following information which allows us to manage our customer’s accounts:

Information provided by customers. This may include personal information such as name, address contact information, business information including telephone numbers, email addresses and LTD and/or VAT registration numbers. We may hold additional information submitted by our customers to ourselves in the form of ID for verification purposes.
If you have hosted services with us to also hold information about your email accounts, data of those email accounts, usernames, passwords and other various units of information related to website and email hosting services.
We are the controller and we are also the processor of this information. This data has been gathered with your consent from your previous giving of this information, your receipt of marketing communications from us and/or your purchase or interest in our products and services.

You can email the owner of IRC Direct Website Services Ian Colley on and alternatively call on 01375 405935 or 07969 281598.

You data is used to provide useful analytical data to ourselves about website performance and as well as general account health. Additionally it allows our systems to notify us if you are approaching the limit for your web space.

Although we are a hosting company and take measures to secure your data, we hold no responsibility for data loss. As a responsible company holding data we only allow account log in through encrypted SSL connection and take all reasonable measures to secure data integrity.


When purchasing services through us, your data is held for a period of up to 7 years. This time will increase if you continue to renew your services with us and will be 7 years from the renewal date. All data is held behind firewalls as well as is accessed through SSL connection.

You have the right to be informed of fair processing information with a view to transparency of data. This statement is intended to fulfil that right

We understand you have the right to be informed of fair processing information with a view of transparency of data. Below is a statement fulfilling this right.

At IRC Direct Website Services you have the right to access any and all information we hold about you and your company. If you ever need to see full details of the information held then you can submit a request to our email address and we will then gather and show you all details we have on yourself. We require 1 month to fulfil this for a full investigation to take place. You always have the right to check the information we hold is accurate or incomplete. If information is not correct please inform us within 1 month of providing the data.

You additionally have the right for your details to be erased from our database. However please be aware if we cannot hold personal or company details about you then your account will be subject to review. If we do not have valid or up to date details about your company we may be forced to terminate your website and email account with us for security purposes. Your data is important to us in the event your website or email is ever used for things purporting to be illegal. In this case law enforcement may contact us requesting your data. Without legal and verifiable personal or business information present in our data base we cannot reasonably be expected to conform with law enforcement, so therefore a termination of the account is considered.


If you wish to access your personal data, please submit a request in writing via email to There is a time of up to one month allowed for us to respond and we may request ID from you to prove you have the right to access of this data. Additionally there may be a processing fee for administration time required to complete this task.


Your data is held on an SSL server which is hosted by a single third party. You data is behind firewalls and can only be accessed with multi-layers of correct user authentication. Only our staff have access to this information.

We do not share your personal information with any third party, except our server hosting company and our website domain providers. This is to comply with their regulations on providing hosting.

From time to time because of routine maintenance and technical problems that may arise, we may authorise access to a member of the third party server hosting company to investigate problems. These sessions are logged and recorded and are always done to minimalize any risk to sensitive data.

If you have any questions about how we manage data then do not hesitate to get in touch with us using or by telephone on 01375 408979 or 07969 281598.

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