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Search Engine Optimization


When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation there is so much to know.  For the beginner website owner it is important to know what search engine optimisation is, how it affects a websites ranking and more importantly what benefit it will have for you and your website.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization.  This is often an invisible scoring system linked to your website and is combined by on-site factors and off-site factors.  Search engines such as Google use SEO to determine where your website is going to rank.  Where your ranked is often referred to as SERP (search engine ranking positions).  The higher you are in the search engine for keywords relating to your business, the more chance of a user landing on your website first.

Search engines often try to place websites with good content at the top of their rankings.  This can only be done once they have looked at and compared all of the content around the internet first.  The information is collected by search engine robots (also called "spiders") which crawl the web looking for new information. Google's robot is permanently scouring the internet for new information and often completes its trip around the whole internet in around two weeks.

When a robot is on your website the robot will not only digest the information but also look at a huge range of things on the website.  These things often include whether the website is bespoke or from a template, whether the coding meets required guidelines, how old the website is, whether the website appears spammy and much much more.  

It is estimated that search engine robots have a bank of around 500 checkboxes for a website but on each visit will pick a random 200 points to rate the website on.  This is commonly referred to as the "google algorithm" and they are always updating ways to make this more accurate including releases of "panda" and "penguin" into their algorithms to make them harder to score on and stop exploitations in SEO.

Search engines also look at other websites with similar interests who link back to your website.  They also look at social media, blogs, forums and much more to work out how popular your website is with users.

Overall the search engine will give your website a final ranking.  This ranking is unknown to the website owner but determines the positioning of the website in its search engines.  The better the score, the higher you go.  The lower the score, the lower you go.

On-Site SEO (Internal SEO)

Imagine the search engine is a building inspector for your house.  They come round with a clipboard and mark down the good points and bad points of your house.  They have a checklist of over 200 things that you can score on.

If your house is templated and looks the same as every other house then Google are not going to rank you for being bespoke but actually rank you down for being the same.  It will also see the floorboards are not laid correctly and the tiles are dirty, just like every house down the road.  You will miss out on loads of important points.

The same principles apply when it comes to your website.  If you have used any kind of shortcut like a sitebuilder or template to build your website you are literally throwing these precious points away.

When it comes to on-site SEO it is important to leave it to the professionals.  We spend a ridiculous amount of hours when building clients website ensuring that we are meeting as many of the internal scoring points as physically possible.

We provide the internal search engine optimisation as standard with all website designs big or small.

Good internal SEO is important if you want to be visible to your online target audience.

Off-site SEO (External SEO)

Okay so we have explained everything a search engine ranks for on-site.  So what about once the website is up and running.  Is there anything that can be done to supercharge those website rankings up to the top?  Of course there is!

External SEO is important so that search engines understand what is popular on the internet.  They measure the external rankings in a variety of ways including link tracking, social media attention, forum posts, blog posts and much more.

They use data their robots have collected to work out how many relevent websites are linking their websites to your content.

Overall they give you an external ranking score to determine how much "boost" your website deserves in their search engines.

It is important to remember that search engine rankings fluctuate from time to time to not only allow fair play to other websites but to ensure spammy websites with lots of links pointing to their websites do not stay at the top.

Google actively seeks out spammy websites and websites which break their terms of service or appear to be abusing their system. If they find out your SEO is being done wrong or your website is part of a spammy link network then they may actually blacklist you from their search engines.  In this case... its game over!

So what services do we offer?

IRC Direct Website Services not only specialize in high quality website design in Essex.  We also specialise in SEO services for websites.  

If your website has been built by us then you can be rest assured we have adopted the best internal SEO on your website.

If your website has not been built by us then we would need to review your website to work out whether or not it has the capability to rank well in the search engines or not.

We offer excellent external SEO services which cost much less than our competitors charge.  They are excellent value for money and really do provide a big boost to your search engine rankings.

We do this by fixing any internal SEO problems and adding additional pages that are required.  We then scour the internet dropping relevant links to your website in the right places.  This allows Google to see your website as a growing popular website and then boost your search engine ranking positions.

Our external SEO packages are exclusive to us and come with a money-back guarantee if we do not provide a boost to your rankings.  This is how confident we are about our services.

If you want to find out more about our SEO packages then please give us a call and a member of our team will be more than happy to help.

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