Website Migration

Website Migration

At IRC Direct Website Services we of course do website design, website development and much more. Over the years we have met a wide variety of customers. From customers wanting a brand new website from scratch, a re-design of their old website and sometimes customers who are locked in with a website designer with nowhere to go.

It is not uncommon for a website designer (especially new companies) to offer low-cost ‘value’ websites and within six months disappear without a trace. Additionally it is not uncommon for website designers to ‘give up’ their company, focus on other projects and lose interest in you, your website and their other customers. This can make it pretty tedious to have updates completed, as well as migrate your website and/or domain name(s) if you chose to.

At IRC Direct Website Services we have dealt with many ‘disaster’ cases. From website designers who have moved to Japan without a trace, to designers changing the client’s site in an attempt to destroy a reputation because they have not paid the ‘ransom’ of a random invoice. We could share tons of similar stories and each one of them have caused the website owner grief, annoyance and wasted time.

If you are looking to migrate website host, or perhaps clone an existing site you have but do not have access to then get in touch with us. For a free no-obligation chat, give us a call on 01375 408979 or 07969 281598.

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