Website Design Company in Essex


Website Design Company in Essex

At IRC Direct Website Services we specialise in professional website design, website development and much more. Based in Thurrock, Essex – we are your first choice for website design in Essex.

When it comes to website design there is a lot more to think about than just an aesthetically pleasing look. A good website needs to navigate well, perform well across multiple browsers, keep the user engaged and have the maximum conversion rate. We not only look at creating a website which looks fantastic, but we work to create a website which performs just as good.

Further to this we also believe a website is only as good as the traffic visiting it. We help our clients think outside the box about elements away from their website, such as target audience and re-marketing solutions.

Most brochure type websites that we design are often for businesses looking to promote services or products. Quite often the website we design is part of a larger marketing strategy and is used as a point-of-reference for the online business presence in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Whether you are looking for a website to give you business a home, or a website which can be used as a powerful marketing tool; speak to us.

At IRC Direct Website Services we primarily work with SME (small to medium enterprise) and have established a strong reputation across the Essex county and beyond. With over 300 clients which is continually growing we find ourselves as one of the first ports of call for many new businesses and established businesses alike. If you are looking for a website design company in Essex then look no further.

The first choice in Essex for Website Design

Based in Thurrock in Essex, we specialise in all aspects of website design, work with a variety of Essex based businesses to increase their product and service reach and ultimately increase their sales and revenue. We are proud to base our service on three core principles. These principles have been key to our success as an Essex website design company and have been the backbone of what we do.

Our first core principle is quality. If you want a job doing right then you need to hire the right website design company. Many clients choose us because of our clear and consistent quality of work. The quality of our website design company literally shines through in various other works we have completed. We design all websites from scratch, whilst implementing popular coding languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Javascript, jQuery and many more. Often we build additionally on popular website frameworks such as WordPress, Opencart and others. This ensures customers have easy, secure and simple access to make changes to their website on-demand, when they want.

Our second core principle is pricing. Now we are not saying we are the cheapest website design company in Essex, but we firmly believe you get what you pay for. We build websites from as little as £250. From the simple brochure website, right through to the multi-channel e-commerce website; we have the experience and expertise to give you a fixed-fee custom quotation which we know will not only be competitive, but reflective of the high quality website works we produce.

Our third core principle is customer service. From the moment we talk to you, we listen. We have this uncanny knack of working out what you want, whilst being able to translate that in to a fully functional website design with the professional touch. We keep in touch with you every step on the way to ensure you website is completed how you want it to be. Customer service in any business is key; and is something we like to think we do extremely well.

Website Design Company in Thurrock, Essex

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If you have a need for a website designer then please get in touch with us. We can give you a free no-hassle and no-obligation quotation for your project. We can additionally discuss the goals of your website and various ways of achieving them. We can deliver a price to you for the project and additionally any timescales involved in the project. It all starts with a quotation. Give us a call on 01375 408979 or 07969 281598 for a quote today.

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