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Terms & Conditions

At IRC Direct Website Services we have tried to combine a legally binding set of terms and conditions, with ease of understanding.  This way we keep the honest and transparent service that we have gained a good reputation for.

The terms and conditions set out below are legally binding for any client who chooses IRC Direct Website Services for any service including but not limited to website design, website development, logo design, graphic design services and search engines optimisation.

The word "we" and "us" refers to IRC Direct Website Services as a company.  The word "you" refers to the client who has established an agreement with IRC Direct Website Services.

Contractual Obligation & Deposit

When you contact us to request a quote for work, we will ask you for information relating to the project and mark down requirements and key points which we consider important in the quotation process.  We may ask you for personal details including address and telephone number but will never ask for payment details at this stage.

We will return a formal quotation in the form of an electronic email.  This email will contain confidential details about what we intend to offer you and the pricing in which is offered.  The price offered is intended as a minimum price and may be subject to change is the specification of the project is changed in any way throughout the website design process.  We will always notify you by telephone or email if a change to the design is going to incur a charge.

When you agree to our formal quotation, we request you send an email to confirm you agree to the website quotation and wish to proceed.  At this point we will raise a "deposit invoice".  This deposit invoice will mark the total cost for the website and also the deposit required in order for us to start the work.

When you pay us the deposit amount shown on the deposit invoice our team mark the work to start and it assumed that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions marked on this page.  When paying the deposit invoice you will be legally bound to these terms and conditions and once the website has been completed to your specification and is ready for launch, you will be required to pay the remaining balance of the invoice.

Once the website has been completed, we may notify you by email, telephone or text message.  We require you to respond to any of these methods in writing to confirm you are happy with the website and do not require any further changes.  Once you have done this, our team will raise the "final invoice" which will ask for the remaining balance.

You have 30 days to pay the final invoice.  We accept cash, card payment (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, All Major Credit Cards, Direct Bank Transfer).  When paying over the phone via any type of debit or credit card, we may store these details in our secure (encrypted) system for future charges if you require changes or modifications to the website.  We will never release these details to any person or third party and are for the sole use of authorised employees only.  We will never charge a debit or credit card without consent from the cardholder.  If you do not want your card details stored on file, please let our team know and we will happily remove these from our system.

If a final invoice is not paid within 30 days from the date on the invoice, we will add a 15% charge to the remaining balance as a late payment fee.  We will re-issue the invoice with the changes to the amount owed and send you a copy electronically and also via the postal system recorded delivery.  If after 14 days this invoice is still not paid we will add another 15% of the total amount due (including the original late payment fee included) to the bill.  We will then re-issue the amended invoice to your email address and also send a copy through the postal system recorded delivery.

If the invoice is not paid after 60 days of the original final invoice being issued we have the right to pass your debt to a registered UK debt collection company.  They are likely to add their own fee on top of the debt as well.

Once the invoice has been paid your website will be launched on the chosen domain name in which you agreed with the IRC Direct Website Services representative.  We will set up email accounts, control panel access and other services only once the final invoice has been paid.

We only launch websites online once full payment has been received.


When it is time to renew your website or hosting with us we will issue you an invoice by email and sometimes call you to confirm you want to keep your website or hosting services online.  If you agree to renewal we will send you a renewal invoice which will detail the amount to pay for the renewal of your service(s).  We expect payment of the invoice within 30 days or there will be a late payment fee added to the amount on the invoice.  The late payment fee is 15% of the outstanding amount and will be added to the outstanding amount.  We will re-issue this invoice and send you a hard copy through the post recorded delivery.  If the late payment invoice is not paid within 14 days we will re-issue another late payment letter and add an additional 15% charge to the outstanding amount (including the original 15% charge already accumullated).  If after 7 days we still have not received full payment including the two charges we will put any services you have online with us offline immediately without notice until full payment is received.  If we do not receive full payment within 7 days of the offline date we will pass your debt to a registered UK debt collection company.  They will add on a fee for handling the debt.

At IRC Direct Website Services we invest a lot of time designing, building and developing websites.  As a small business we can not afford bad debtors and take bad debt very seriously.  The way we handle payments unfortunately has to be tough and we will not let anyone off a payment unless we feel there is a legitimate or compassionate reason for non-payment.  We have the right to decide whether or not a payment will incur a late fee and once a late payment fee has been added, the only way it will be removed is complete discretion of our management.

Minimum Service Agreement

When a website is hosted online, we have certain targets in which we expect to maintain to not only maintain the image of our company but also provide our clients with the best possible service.

- 99.9% uptime on our website server.  We guarantee that our website server will be online, up and running 99.9% of the time over a 365 day period.

- Unlimited Bandwidth - We provide unlimited bandwidth for our clients unless they are hosting videos (not applicable to embedded videos from YouTube or other external websites).

- Up to 30GB website storage - We provide up to 30GB website storage for every client.  FTP access to this online storage is available on request and free of charge for all of our clients who have a website hosted with us.

- Email Addresses - All email addresses we provide are POP.  We do provide an IMAP service but the backup of IMAP messages (incoming or outgoing) is the responsibility of the client.  We will not accept liability for lost emails which are hosted on our system via the IMAP email protocol.  We recommend POP as this physically copies the email from our server on to your computer, which gives you a safeguard for storing emails.

- Website Online For 2 Years - For every new website client, we offer two years of free website hosting.  This includes the unlimited bandwidth and website hosting storage space.  After two years (of the date of the domain name renewal or final invoice - whichever is a closer date) you will be required to renew the website hosting with us.  This is a fixed fee of £80 per website that is hosted with us.  Clients with multiple websites will be required to pay this fee for each website they have with us.

Domain Names - We register all domain names through  We have a corporate account with them.  We register all domain names in our own company name details and provide a third-party medium for any domain name issues that arise.  If you want the domain name put in your own name then we can do this for you with no additional charges.  All legal responsibilities for all domain names are the responsibility of the client and not us.  If for any reason an individual lodges a complaint against a client's domain name this will be fully investigated our end and all legal responsibility goes to the client.

- Responsible Hosting - At IRC Direct we have an obligation to be a responsible web host.  This includes eliminating files or content from our server which is illegal or could cause serious offence to users.  We will NOT allow the hosting of any illegal material including but not limited to Child Pornography, Illegal Files, Copyrighted Music and Film.  If we come across or have reported to us any illegal material hosted on our server we will remove the files/content immediately without notice and may report you to the police if required.  You have been warned.

- Virus Free Server - We invest a lot of money keeping our server updated to the highest level of security.  In the unlikely event a website gets hacked or a vulnurability is noticed on the server we will take action accordingly.  We back up all website data on our server every 24 hours and store the backups for up to three days.  If a virus is noticed on a website or part of the server it may be necessary for us to isolate your account or in extreme cases take down the server for immediate maintenance.  This can happen without warning but will be back up as soon as the virus has been eliminated.  This has only happened once since 2010 and the outage lasted 28 minutes in the middle of the night.  Please be aware we have the right to shut the server down at any time, for any reason without warning.  In the event a anti-malware program puts your website on a blacklist, we will investigate and remove the threat if it is not a false-positive.  It is the clients responsibility to remove their website from anti-malware blacklists.  To find out if your website is on a blacklist go to

Our client's total satisfaction and happiness is our primary concern.  We have set out the above service level agreement so you know what to expect from us.

Search Engine Optimisation

When optimising a website there are many factors to take into account.  There are not only on-line factors, but off-site factors too.  When you purchase a search engine optimisation campaign with us, we will ask you to select a certain amount of keyphrases.  Our target is to get your website on the first page of the Google search engine within a time period set out mutually with you.

We are mostly extremely successful with search engine optimisation as we follow all of Google's guidelines and hint and tips.  We keep up to date with their changes, especially with algorithms.

Although most of the time we exceed our predictions for search engine success, there is a very small chance that for an unknown reason (or changes to Google's practices) we cannot rank your website on the first page of Google.  We will have invested the hours agreed and done the correct off-site optimisation as set out at the start.  In the event that we do not meet the required ranking agreed we will issue up to a 25% refund on search engine optimisation payment taken.  This is purely up to the management discretion.  We may offer to build a replica website on a new domain instead, in which case you waive all rights to a refund.

Search Engine Optimisation is not an "exact science" and is a risk for any client.  You can guarantee our company utilise the best search engine optimisation tricks in the industry and have many high ranking website as proof of what we can do.  We are sure that in 90% or more SEO scenarios we match or exceed original predictions for rankings.


In the event of wanting a cancel a website/domain/hosting (or all three) with us, we require at least two weeks written notice by electronic email.  If you want us to expire a domain name, this will be expired at the end of its cycle.  For hosting, website and emails we can remove this and take it offline straight away on the morning of a certain date.

If you are wanting to transfer the domain name from ourselves to either yourself or someone else we do not charge a fee for this. Of course, if you still require our hosting then we will send the required DNS details for you or your new registrar to handle.  To repeat: there is NO charge for cancelling with us at any time (except unless an outstanding invoice is due).

We hope these terms and conditions are easy to understand.  Please note that by sending a quotation or paying a deposit invoice you are subject to these terms and conditions at all times throughout your time as a client.


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