Features of E-Commerce Websites

When it comes to building an e-commerce website you may have many questions.  Whether you are an established high street retailer or you are a back-bedroom seller looking to build an e-commerce empire, having your own website which people can buy from can be invaluable.

When thinking about features of an e-commerce website, it is easy to think about the basics.  Does it have a shopping cart?, does it have a checkout?, what payment portals can it accept? and can I make changes?.  In reality these features are pretty common and standard of e-commerce websites.  Therefore we decided to instead focus on the other features you might not have thought about but are equally important.  Features such as stock management, multi-platform stock control, automatic invoice processing and emailing, in-depth analytics and much much more.

Quite often we build our e-commerce websites using platforms such as OpenCart, Magento or Woo-Commerce (a plug-in for WordPress websites).  This is because commonly these platforms have been developed and continue to be developed over a number of years and power many websites including multi-national retailers as well as small independent businesses.  They have vast support, are generally easy to use as a user and offer streamlined e-commerce ability for our clients.

Common features included within e-commerce websites as standard are:

  • Shopping Cart & Checkout for customers.
  • Full Google Analytics synchronisation with your website.
  • Google Merchant linking abilities (for promoting products on Google).
  • Ability to add/edit and delete unlimited products for your store.
  • Category add/edit and delete to organise your store and make things find-able for users.
  • SEO slugs for good SEO for all of your products, categories and pages.
  • Meta Tag Descriptions and Keyword tags for products, categories and pages.
  • Automatic order invoices created, sent to you and the customer when an order is placed.
  • Order notifications so customers have order tracking.
  • Mass newsletter capability allowing you to re-market to customers who have purchased from you before.
  • VAT and tax breakdowns.
  • Report functions allowing for many different views - such as viewing how many orders you have had over a time period, or what products are most popular.

These features are pretty much standard features of e-commerce websites and allow for a shop which can run pretty much automated 24 hours a day, seven days per week, 365 days per year.

We can and do create and install plug-ins for clients websites to make them more unique.  For example: If you want to synchronise your stock with your stock on eBay.

Whatever features you are looking for in an e-commerce website, do not hesitate to get in touch.  We will be more than happy to explain how e-commerce websites work and how to make the best success of running them.

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