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Website Designer Buy-outs

Do you currently run your own website design company or website hosting company? We understand the website design industry very well and additionally understand that website designers can sometimes feel trapped within their own company. The pressure of managing clients websites can often become more time-consuming than you imagined and sometimes, even though you have the best intentions, you are just not living up to your customers expectations.

Running a website design company is much more than just designing, building and launching a website. You have the added responsibility of managing their website hosting, DNS settings, email accounts the never-ending support than goes with it. If you run a website design company and host a good amount of clients you probably wasn’t ever expecting to get phone calls from clients who ‘just want to talk about their website’ or have a problem or issue at midnight on a Tuesday. No matter how entrepreneurial a person you are, this can cause stress and disrupt your family life.

You may have just ‘had enough’ of building websites and managing customers. Quite often website design companies who feel like this just ‘pull the plug’ and disappear, which can lead to customers literally cut-off and your reputation in ruins. Over the years we have heard of website designers magically vanishing to Japan, to others who have literally gone off and joined the military. A common reason website designers give up their business is because they realised the website design industry is too much work and is not as lucrative as they once thought it would be.

At IRC Direct Website Services we fully understand any reason you may wish to close your website design company. From starting a new venture, to just ‘having enough’ of constantly being on-call and worrying about service status 24/7.

If you have hosted website customers and are thinking of cutting down the amount of clients you host, or you are closing your website design company and looking to offload the entire company – speak to us.

We are not only willing to migrate your customers to our hosting platform, but in some cases completely buy-out companies. We can sit-down with you and work out your business processes as well as work out the profitability of your company and customers you host. Then we can offer you a fixed-fee quotation to buy your customers or business.

If you are a website designer looking to sell their hosted customers or looking to sell their website design company, give us a call. We are happy to provide a free no-obligation quotation and handle the migration process for website hosting, domain names and email accounts.

Give us a call on 01375 408979 or 07969 281598 to get started.

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