Benefits of Website Design

The benefits of having a website are almost endless.  Not only does a website become a central focus for anyone looking up the business, but if used correctly can become an online marketing tool that can drive sales, leads and create a completely new revenue stream for your business.

A business is not 'real' unless it has a website

In the 21st century the internet really does have a strong grip of society and unless you live under a rock, the internet can't really be avoided.  Especially in the last ten years the internet has become a prominent part of daily life in the UK.  Not only do people have broadband installed in their homes and workplaces but they carry the internet around in their pocket on smart phones, ready to quickly search for something which pops in to their mind.  From getting the leaky tap repaired, to finding out how to make a sponge cake, the internet is at almost everyone's fingertips.

Gone are the days where if someone needed a service they would pull out the Yellow Pages book that has been tucked away on the bookshelf covered in dust.  Instead the internet has become a directory, a focal point for any and pretty much all queries.  From Facebook to Google, users now simply ask their smartphones a question and 'poof' the answer is right in front of them.

Whether your business has been running twenty years or is completely brand new, the target should now be getting in front of your audience wherever they are and when they need it.  This is where a website comes in.

Even when it comes to recommendations, many people might recommend your company but what is the first thing they do?  They get their smartphone out and either look you and your company up on Facebook or Google to find out your details.  Without even a simple listing your user's short attention span might get drawn to another similar company or something else all together.

If the user cannot find you then they automatically presume you are either not 'real' or just a cowboy trader and that means you could potentially be losing out on a lot of work.

Link your website to Google My Business

Google has it's own directory called 'Google My Business'.  This requires verification and can be a great place to enter your basic business details, upload your logo, upload work pictures and of course... link your website.  Not only does Google offer this directory service, but it also offers a review system, allowing your customers to easily and quickly review your company and the services offered.  It also allows your company to come up for search results related to your business sector.  By linking your website to this Google feature you can easily and quickly get relevant users to your website increasing the conversion rate and getting work directly from your website.

Making the most out of online forms

For some people the thought of filling out a form is a headache.  If you can make a form short, attractive and simple you would be surprised the amount of users that will fill it out, especially the younger generation.

Long gone are the days of thinking every customer will pick the telephone up and call you directly.  Instead in this digital world you need to give users every opportunity and type possible to get in touch with your business.  Whether it be a Facebook page, website form or email address users make contact in different ways.

An online form on your website can really benefit the conversion rate and when synced to your email address and smartphone can give you a 'live lead' system allowing you instant leads at your fingertips driven directly from your website.

Show off the work that you do!

A website is powerful tool to show off the work that you do.  Whether it be in a gallery or a complete case study section, users always like to view previous work and take a good snoop through your portfolio to make sure you meet their expectations.

Not only is this good for visitors who stumble upon your website, but this is also good for you.  With a responsive website design you will find yourself able in client meetings to physically show them a portfolio of your work without the hassle of carrying heavy folders.

By showing off a decent amount of the work you have completed it also gives the customer a grasp of the sort of work you do and the quality they can expect.  If you are a perfectionist in your trade then use your website to show it off.

Create a 'work from home' business or a brand new revenue stream

Having an e-commerce website can transform your business and expand its potential.  Whether you are a mum indoors looking to sell cakes or you are a growing company looking to step in to the online sector to promote your product selection, a website is the perfect tool for this.  Not only can you reach a completely new audience worldwide, but you can streamline the process by automating the whole sales process allowing you to sit back and relax while the sales come rolling in.

We have clients who literally wake up in the morning to find hundreds of pounds of new sales processed and then all they need to do is box them up and ship them out.  Of course to do this you need the right product at the right price, but a website is the perfect tool to promote your products once you are ready.  You can link your website to Google Shopping (price comparison API) or cross promote on eBay, Amazon and much more.  

We have the experience and proven track record to help your e-commerce store every step of the way.  Not only do we design and build e-commerce stores but we can provide you with valuable tips and advice to give you the very best chance of success online.

There are literally too many benefits of having a website to mention

When it comes to having your own website the time has come where it is pretty much a must for all businesses.  If you just want a brochure point of reference website, or you are looking at a full blown two-feet plunge in to the world of online sales (e-commerce) then just get in touch with us.  Unlike some other website design companies we are pleased to not baffle our clients with scientific terms and explain things in English.  We often use metaphors to help explain methods and the way the internet works as we really enjoy teaching our clients everything about the internet and how to make a true success of having a website.

Give us a call today on 01375 405935 or on our mobile 07969 281598 for a free no-obligation chat and quotation.

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